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Chris Hillman & Herb Pedersen



Chris Hillman, Herb Pedersen, Larry Park, Jim Monahan, Jay Dee Maness, Gabe Witcher, Lee Sklar, Willie Ornelas

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1.  Playboy  (Miller/Morris) 8.  There Goes My Love  (Owens)
2.  Which One Is To Blame  (Charlebois/Dull/Stewart) 9.  My Baby's Gone  (Houser)
3.  Close Up The Honkytonks  (Simpson) 10. The Lost Highway  (Payne)
4.  Brand New Heartache (Bryant/Bryant) 11. Time Goes So Slow  (Davis/Wilson)
5.  Congratulations, Anyway  (McReynolds) 12. Just Tell Me Darlin' (Hillman/Wildes)
6.  It's Not Love  (Cochran/Martin) 13. Bakersfield Bound  (Hillman/Hill)
7.  He Don't Deserve You Anymore  (Owens)