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Jaimi Parsons tells: The photo on the cover is my grandfather Lemuel Parsons, Gene Parsons' dad, out in the dessert in southern California.


Ballad Of Easy Rider


Roger McGuinn
Clarence White
John York
Gene Parsons

guests: Byron Berline, Glen D. Hardin,
Terry Melcher

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The Byrds speak on the album

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1.  Ballad Of Easy Rider  (McGuinn) 9.  Gunga Din  (Parsons)
2.  Fido  (York) 10. Deportee   (Guthrie/Hoffman)
3.  Oil In My Lamp  (Parsons/White) 11. Armstrong Aldrin And Collins (Manners/Seely)
4.  Tulsa County  (P.Polland)        CD bonus tracks:
5.  Jack Tarr The Sailor (trad.arr.McGuinn)        Way Beyond The Sun  (trad.arr.McGuinn)
6.  Jesus Is Just Alright  (Reynolds)        Mae Jean Goes To Hollywood  (J.Browne)
7.  It's All Over Now, Baby Blue  (Dylan)        Fiddler A Dram (trad./McGuinn)
8.  There Must Be Someone (Gosdin Bros)        Build It Up (White/Parsons)