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...in the Beginning


Recordings from 1964

Roger McGuinn, Gene Clark, David Crosby, Chris Hillman, Michael Clarke

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Tommorow Is A Long Ways Away (Clark / Crosby / McGuinn)  Please Let Me Love You (Clark/McGuinn/Gerst)
Boston  (Clark) You Movin' (Clark)
The Only Girl I Adore (McGuinn/Crosby) It Won't Be Wrong (McGuinn/Gerst)
You Won't Have To Cry (McGuinn/Clark) You Showed Me  (McGuinn/Clark)
I Knew I'd Want You  (Clark) She Has A Way  (Clark)
The Airport Song (McGuinn / Crosby) For Me Again  (Clark)
The Reason Why  (Clark) It's No Use  (Clark/McGuinn)
Mr. Tambourine Man  (Dylan) Here Without You (Clark)