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Best Of The Best - Gold

Definitive Collection

Compilation 1995




1. Mr. Tambourine man
2. Chimes of freedom
3. The bells of Rhymney
4. I'll feel a whole lot better
5. All I really want to do
6. Turn! Turn! Turn!
7. Set you free this time
8. Eight miles high
9. 5D(Fifth Dimension)
10. Mr. Spaceman
11. So you want to be a rock 'n' roll star
12. My Back Pages
13. Have you seen her face
14. Goin back
15. Wasn't born to follow
16. Lady friend
17. You ain't going nowhere
18. Lay lady lay
19. Ballad of easy rider
20. Jesus is just alright
21. Chestnut mare  
22. I trust
23. I wanna grow up to be a politician
24. Glory, Glory
25. America's great national pastime