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  Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 



rec. 1969 - rel. 2006


    Everybody's Talkin' (CSN Version)
    How Have You Been (CSN Version)
    Black Queen Riff/Dialogue
    Triad (Acoustic Studio Take)
    Almost Cut My Hair (Acoustic Studio Take)
    Everyday We Live (Stills' unreleased song)
    Sea Of Madness (Studio Take)
    The Lee Shore (Diff. Vocal Take)
    Everybody I Love You (Unedited Basic Track)
    I' ll Be There (Stills' unreleased song)
    Blackbird (Take 1-4)
    Ivory Tower (Stills' unreleased song)
    30 Dollar Fine (Stills' unreleased song)
    Everybody's Been Burned (Nash Version)
    You're Wrong Baby (Nash's unreleased song)
    Everybody's Alone (Young's unreleased song)