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This is no album. It's a list of rare songs.


Ain't Living Long Like This The Firebyrds 1984
American Dreamer (Clark) American Dreamer soundtrack  1971
As Strong As Hercules with Carla Olson
Baby Blue (Ham) studio recordings mid 80's
Backstreet Mirror (Clark) sung by David Hemmings / Kelldecaut Réan 1967
The Ballad of Gene Clark by American Suitcase
Ballad of the Burns Brothers Run C&W "Into the Twangy-First Century" 1993
Blue Ribbon Joe Meyers and The Sharks - single 1958
The Closer You Get (Pennington/Gray) studio recording mid 80's
Communication ?
Crazy Ladies (Clark/Kaye) performed by Clark/McGuinn 1977-78   
Gates of Eden (Dylan)  demos, live cuts
Gene (Rick Clark) for Gene by his brother
Gene Clark (Teenage Fanclub) by Teenage Fanclub
Haunted Wood (Clark) 1989, supposed to be on the 2nd Clark/Olson LP
I Don't Wanna See You Anymore studio recording 1990
If I Hang Around Clark & Chip Douglas, demo 1966
Into The Night The Firebyrds 1984
Ivory Tower (Long Ryders/Clark) performed by Long Ryders -  voc Gene Clark 1984
Jimmy Christ (Clark) outtake from "American Dreamer"
Life And Times (Clark)  
Long Black Veil (Wilkin/Dill)
Long Time (Clark) performed by Rosegarden
Look Who's Missing You studio recording 1990  
Love is Gonna Come At Last (Molland) studio recording mid 80's
Lovers' Turnaround (Clark) original version
Mary Anne (Clark)  
Mercury Blues (Douglas/Geddins) Live 1985
Needles and Pins (Nitzsche/Bono) studio recording mid 80's
Outlaw Song (Clark) American Dreamer Soundtrack  1971
Past My Door demo 1967 - GC sings for you
Pickpocket around 1990?
Put Your Faith In Me (Randy White)
Shahdaroba home recording around 1963
She Told Me  
Straight From The Heart (Clark)
Taken by Surprise ?
That's What You Want  
Till Today (Clark) performed by Rosegarden
What Is Meant Will Be (Clark) with The Silverados 1975
Wheel Of Time (Clark)
Without You live in the 80's
Why Can't I Have Her Back Again  
You And I (Clark)
You Don't Know What You Want (Clark) by "Fairy Cookies" - Clark on guitar - 1966
You're Gonna Miss That Somebody live (known as "Rest Of Your Life)
Young Love, First love studio recording mid 80's