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Crosby with Buffalo Springfield at Monterey


Lost and Found Songs of


This is no album. It's a list of rare songs.


It's Been Raining  (Crosby) 1962
Willie Gene (Hoyt Axton) Early L.A 1963
Come Back Baby (Crosby) Early L.A 1963
Jack Of Diamonds (trad.) Early L.A 1963
Get Together (Dino Valenti) Early L.A 1963
Chippin' Away (Tom Fedora)         CSN live in Berlin 1989 and CSN&Taylor Studio
My Country 'tis Of Thee CSN Sept. 18. 2001 live at the Leno-show
Power Crosby, Bernstein, Nash live 1979
Shine On You Crazy Diamond Crosby, Nash, Gilmour, live 2006
Urge for Going (Mitchell) Crosby Nash never released single