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rel. 2009

Stephen Stills, Chris Hillman, Paul Harris, Joe Lala, Dallas Taylor, Al Perkins, Fuzzy Samuels, Byron Berline, Roger Bush, Sydney George, Bill Wyman, Malcolm Cecil, Bonny Raitt, Joe Walsh, Bobby Whitlock , Charlie Grimes, Bonnie Raitt, Jerry Aiello, Lachy Espinol, Guille Garcia, Sydney George

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Hillman, Stills

Witching Hour
Sugar Babe
My Love Is A Gentle Thing
Like A Fox
Word Game
Tan Sola Y Triste
Fit To Be Tied
Love And Satisfy
High And Dry
Panhandle Rag
Uncle Pen
Do You Remember The Americans
Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (And Loud Loud Music)
I Am My Brother