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Roger McGuinn, David Crosby, Chris Hillman, Michael Clarke

session musicians: Clarence White, Gene Clark, Red Rhodes
Jim Gordon, Curt Boettcher, Paul Beaver, Hal Blaine

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The Byrds speak on the album

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1.  Artificial Energy (Hillman/McGuinn/Clarke)     10. Dolphin's Smile  (Crosby/Hillman/McGuinn)
2.  Goin' Back  (King/Goffin) 11. Space Odyssey  (McGuinn/Hippard)
3.  Natural Harmony  (Hillman) 12. Triad  (Crosby)
4.  Draft Morning  (Crosby/Hillman/McGuinn)
5.  Wasn't Born To Follow  (King/Goffin) CD bonus tracks:
6.  Get To You  (McGuinn/Clark) Moog Raga (McGuinn)
7.  Change Is Now  (Hillman/McGuinn) Bound To Fall (Brewer/Mustin)
8.  Old John Robertson  (Hillman/McGuinn) Triad (Crosby)
9.  Tribal Gathering  (Crosby/Hillman) Universal Mind Decoder (Hillman/McGuinn) = (Change Is Now)

This album shows a band falling apart.
David Crosby was fired in October 1967.
Michael Clarke left end of December.
Gene Clark came back for some sessions and gigs.

Guy Webster, photographer, tells on the cover shooting:
The picture was done up in [Topanga] Canyon. The group was going through changes. I got a call to shoot the album cover. They wanted to go out to the country, since their first album cover was shot in a studio. So I found this abandoned barn with four open windows. There was a horse in the field. I put each one of the guys in the windows. And in the last window I put the horse. I was mistakenly accused of denigrating David Crosby. It wasn’t to replace Crosby, who had been fired; it wasn’t to insult anyone. It was just to balance the composition. It was just a space and a horse. And what an image!