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The Flying Burrito Bros



Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman, Chris Ethridge, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Michael Clarke, Rick Roberts, Bernie Leadon, Al Perkins, Kenny Wertz, Byron Berline, Roger Bush, Jon Corneal, Sam Goldstein, Popeye Philips, Eddie Hoh, David Crosby, Leo Russell, Leopoldo C.Carbajal, Tommy Johnson, Buddy Childers, Gene Clark

1.  Sing Me Back Home  (Haggard) 1.  Juanita  (Hillman/Parsons)
2.  Hot Burrito #2  (Ethridge/Parsons) 2.  Image Of Me  (Howard)
3.  Break My Mind  (Loudermilk) 3.  Farther Along  (trad.)
4.  Dark End Of The Street  (Oldham/Penn) 4.  If You Gotta Go  (Dylan)
5.  Cody Cody  (Parsons/Hillman/Leadon) 5.  Bonie Moronie  (Williams)
6.  Wheels  (Hillman/Parsons) 6.  Six Days On The Road  (Green/Montgomery)
7.  Hot Burrito #1  (Ethridge/Parsons) 7.  Wild Horses  (Jagger/Richards)
8.  Sin City  (Parsons/Hillman) 8.  Down In The Churchyard  (Parsons/Hillman)
9.  Do Right Woman  (Moman/Penn) 9.  Wake Up Little Susie  (Bryant/Bryant)
10. God's Own Singer  (Leadon) 10. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down (Harlan/Howard)
11. Older Guys  (Parsons/Hillman/Leadon) 11. Just Because  (Shelton/Shelton/Robins)
12. Train Song  (Hillman/Parsons) 12. Lodi  (Fogerty)
13. Lazy Days  (Parsons) 13. Money Honey  (Harris)
14. Christine's Tune  (Parsons/Hillman) 14. I Shall Be Released  (Dylan)
15. Close Up The Honky Tonks  (Simpson) 15. White Line Fever  (Haggard)
16. Do You Know How It Feels (Parsons/Goldberg)     16. Ain't That A Lot Of Love  (Parker/Banks)
17. High Fashion Queen  (Parsons/Hillman) 17. Don't Fight It  (Pickett/Cropper)
18. Man In The Fog  (Leadon/Parsons) 18. Losing Game  (Carr/Weaver)
19. To Love Somebody  (Gibb/Gibb) 19. Tried So Hard  (Clark)
20. My Uncle  (Parsons/Hillman) 20. All Alone  (Hillman/Roberts)
21. Hippie Boy  (Hillman/Parsons) 21. 100 Years From Now  (Parsons)


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