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Gram Parsons

Another Side Of This Life

The Lost Recordings

rec. 1965-1966
rel. 2000

Gram Parsons - guitar/vocals
Tom Snow - keyboards
John Nuese - guitar
Ian Dunlop - bass/sax
Mickey Gauvin - drums


1. Codine (Buffy Sainte Marie) 10. They Still Go Down (Weissman)
2. Wheel Of Fortune (Parsons) 11. Pride Of Man (Hamilton Camp)
3. Another Side Of This Life (Fred Neil)     12. The Last Thing On My Mind (Tom Paxton)
4. High Flyin' Bird (Wheefer) 13. Hey Nellie Nellie (Fromer/Fromer/Elbert)
5. November Nights (Parsons) 14. She's The Woman I Love-Good Time Music (Adams/Moffitt-Sebastian)
6. Zah's Blues (Parsons) 15. Brass Buttons  (Parsons)
7. Reputation (Tim Hardin) 16. Just Can't Take It Anymore (Parsons)
8. That's The Bag I'm In (Weissman) 17. Searchin' (Leiber/Stoller)
9. Willie Jean (trad.) 18. Candy Man (Referend Gary Davis)