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Gene Clark, Pat Robinson, John York, Nicky Hopkins, Rick Danko, Billy Darnell, Greg Thomas, Le Roy P. Marinell

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1.  Mary Sue (Clark/Robinson/York)   8.  Immigrant Girl  (Clark/Robinson)
2.  Carry On (Clark/Robinson)    9.  Rest Of Your Life (Clark/Robinson)
3.  Don't You Know (B. Worth) 10.  My Marie (Clark/Robinson) 
4.  Nothing But An Angel (Clark/Robinson) 11.  Fair And Tender Ladies (trad., arr. Clark)
5.  More Than That Now (Clark/Robinson) 12.  Can't Say No (Clark/Robinson)
6.  Sleep Will Return (Clark/Robinson/York) 13.  Dangerous Games (Clark/Clark/Robinson)
7.  Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Goffin/King)     14.  You Just Love Cocaine (York)

expanded Edition

Mary Sue (Clark/Robinson/York) Rest Of Your Life (Clark/Robinson)
Carry On (Clark/Robinson)  You Better Move On (Alexander)
Don't You Know (B. Worth) Deportee (Guthry)
You Just Love Cocaine (York) Almost Saturday Night (Fogerty)
Dancing On The Moon (Clark Marinell Robinson)     When Jokers Are Wild (Holler Robinson)
Nothing But An Angel (Clark/Robinson) The Panther (Clark Robinson)
More Than That Now (Clark/Robinson) Gypsy Rider (Clark)
Liona (Clark Robinson) Del Gato (Clark Clark)
Washington Square (Clark Robinson) You Better Move On (Alexander) Vers.2
My Marie (Clark Robinson) The Hurting Game (Clark Robinson)
With You I Can't Lose (Clark Robinson) That Part Of You (Clark Robinson)
Fair And Tender Ladies (trad., arr. Clark) Dragon's Eye (Clark Robinson)
Sleep Will Return (Clark/Robinson/York) Can't Say No (Clark/Robinson)
Immigrant Girl  (Clark/Robinson) Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Goffin King)
Dangerous Games (Clark/Clark/Robinson)