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Jock Bartley
Larry Burnett
Rick Roberts
David Muse
Mark Andes
Michael Clarke

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1.  Love That Got Away  (Roberts) 6.   If You Only Knew  (Roberts)
2.  Headed For A Fall  (Roberts) 7.   Some Things Never Change  (Roberts)
3.  Only Time Will Tell  (Burnett) 8.   Business Is Business  (Burnett)
4.  Laugh Or Cry  (Andes/Roberts) 9.   Leave It Alone  (Bartley)
5.  Stardust  (Roberts) 10. Undertow  (Roberts)

Reissue 1995 with 3 previously unreleased tracks:
Just What You Need  (Burnett)
Crying In The Night  (Stevie Nicks)
 Lips  (Burnett/Andes)