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Younger Than Yesterday


Roger McGuinn
David Crosby
Chris Hillman
Michael Clarke

guests: Gene Clark, Hugh Masekela, Vern Gosdin, Clarence White, James Burton, Red Rhodes, Van Dyke Parks, Cecil Barnard, Jay Migliori, Daniel Ray, Paul Beaver, Terry Trotter, Gary Usher, Barry Goldberg, Dennis McCarthy, Jim Gordon, Hal Blane, Lester Harris, Raymond Kelley, Paul Bergstrom, Jacqueline Lustgarten, Victor Sazer, Carl West, William Armstrong, Alfred McKibbon, Ann Stockton, Richard Hyde, Roy Caron, Virgil Fums, Gary Weber, Dennis Faust, Curt Boettcher

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The Byrds speak on the album

1.  So You Want To Be A Rock'n Roll Star (McGuinn/Hillman)    
2.  Have You Seen Her Face  (Hillman)  
3.  C.T.A.-102  (McGuinn/Hippard) CD bonus tracks:
4.  Renaissance Fair  (Crosby/McGuinn) It Happens Each Day  (Crosby)
5.  Time Between  (Hillman) Don't Make Waves  (McGuinn/Hillman)
6.  Everybody's Been Burned  (Crosby) Lady Friend  (Crosby)
7.  Thoughts And Words  (Hillman) Old John Robertson (Hillman/McGuinn)
8.  Mind Gardens  (Crosby) Mind Gardens (Take1)  (Crosby)
9.  My Back Pages  (Dylan) Roll Over Beethoven  (C.Berry)
10. The Girl With No Name  (Hillman)  
11. Why  (McGuinn/Crosby)