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David Crosby

vocal, guitar, co-founder.
He was with The Byrds from the beginning to 1967
and again for the reunion album.

He is heard on the following records


Judy Roderick 1962 Hootenanny At The Attic
Les Baxter's Balladeers 1963 compilation
The Byrds 1965 Mr. Tambourine Man
The Byrds 1965 Turn!Turn!Turn!
The Byrds 1966 Fifth Dimension
The Byrds 1965/66 US TV performances
The Byrds 1967 Younger Than Yesterday
v.a. 1967 Monterey (complete)
The Byrds 1968 The Notorious Byrd Brothers
Crosby Stills Nash 1969 Crosby, Stills and Nash
v.a. 1969 Woodstock (complete)
Crosby Stills Nash Young 1969 Studio Archives 1969
Crosby Stills Nash Young 1970 Deja Vu
v.a. 1970 Tribute to Neil Young
Crosby Stills Nash Young 1971 4 Way Street
David Crosby 1971 If I Could Only Remember My Name
Crosby Nash 1972 Graham Nash / David Crosby
The Byrds 1973 Byrds
Crosby Nash 1975 Wind On The Water
Crosby Nash 1976 Whistling Down The Wire
Crosby Nash 1977 Crosby Nash Live
Crosby Stills Nash 1977 CSN
McGuinn Clark & Hillman 1978 Live At The Boarding House
Crosby Stills Nash 1982 Daylight Again
Crosby Stills Nash 1983 Allies
Crosby Stills Nash Young 1988 American Dream
The Byrds 1988 In The Beginning
The Byrds 1989 Never Before
David Crosby 1989 Oh Yes I Can
Crosby Stills Nash 1990 Live It Up
The Byrds 1990 The Byrds Boxed Set
Crosby Stills Nash 1991 Box Set
David Crosby 1993 Thousand Roads
Crosby Stills Nash 1994 After The Storm
CPR 1998 CPR
Crosby Stills Nash Young 1999 Looking Forward
CPR 2001 Just Like Gravity
The Byrds 2002 The Preflyte Sessions
Crosby Nash 2004 Crosby Nash
The Byrds 2005 Another Dimension
David Gilmour 2006 On An Island
David Crosby 2006 Voyage
Crosby Nash 2007 Bittersweet Dreams
Crosby Stills Nash Young 2008 Deja Vu Live
David Crosby 2014 Croz
David Crosby 2016 Lighthouse
David Crosby 2017 Sky Trails
Chris Hillman 2017 Bidin' My Time
The Byrds   Live
The Byrds   Compilations
The Byrds   (lost and found)
David Crosby   (lost and found)

David Crosby, Steven Stills, Graham Nash


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