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Chris Hillman

mandolin, bass, guitar

member of The Byrds from the beginning to 1968 and for the reunion album

Hillman is heard on the following records

Hillman Pedersen 2006

Scottsville Sqirrel Barkers 1961 Blue Grass Favorites
Golden State Boys 1962/63 Don Parmley & His Five String Banjo
Tut Taylor 1964 12 String Dobro
The Hillmen 1964 The Hillmen
The Byrds 1965 Mr. Tambourine Man
The Byrds 1965 Turn!Turn!Turn!
The Byrds 1966 Fifth Dimension
The Byrds 1965/66 US TV performances
Gene Clark 1966 With The Gosdin Brothers
The Byrds 1967 Younger Than Yesterday
v.a. 1967 Monterey
The Byrds 1968 The Notorious Byrd Brothers
The Byrds 1968 Sweetheart Of The Rodeo
The Gosdin Brothers 1968 Sounds Of Goodbye
The Flying Burrito Bros 1968 The Gilded Palace Of Sin
Dillard & Clark 1968 The Fantastic Expedition Of Dillard & Clark
Dillard & Clark 1969 Through The Morning, Through The Night
Dillard & Clark   C & D
Dillard & Clark   Kansas City Southern
The Flying Burrito Bros 1969 Burrito Deluxe
The Flying Burrito Bros 1969 Live At The Avalon Ballroom
The Flying Burrito Bros 1970 Sleepless Nights
The Flying Burrito Bros 1971 The Flying Burrito Bros
The Flying Burrito Bros 1972 Last Of The Red Hot Burritos
Manassas 1972 Manassas
Manassas 1973 Down The Road
The Byrds 1973 Byrds
The Flying Burrito Bros 1974 Close Up The Honkytonks
The Souther Hillman Furay Band 1974 Souther, Hillman, Furay Band
The Souther Hillman Furay Band 1975 Trouble In Paradise
Chris Hillman 1976 Slippin' Away
Chris Hillman 1977 Clear Sailin'
McGuinn Clark Hillman 1977 Three Byrds Land In London
McGuinn Clark Hillman 1978 Live At The Boarding House
McGuinn Clark Hillman 1979 McGuinn, Clark & Hillman
McGuinn Clark Hillman 1980 City
McGuinn Hillman 1980 McGuinn & Hillman
Chris Hillman 1982 Morning Sky
Clark Hillman Pedersen Perkins Clarke 1983 Flyte
Gene Clark 1983 The Firebyrds
Gene Clark 1984 Firebyrd
Chris Hillman 1984 Desert Rose
Ever Call Ready 1984 Ever Call Ready
Down Home Praise 1984 Down Home Praise
Herb Pedersen 1985 Lonesome Feeling
Desert Rose Band 1987 The Desert Rose Band
The Byrds 1988 In The Beginning
Desert Rose Band 1988 Running
Desert Rose Band 1989 Roses At The Ritz
The Byrds 1989 Never Before
Desert Rose Band 1990 Pages Of Life
The Byrds 1990 The Byrds Boxed Set
Desert Rose Band 1991 True Love
Desert Rose Band 1991 A Dozen Roses
McGuinn Clark Hillman 1992 Return Flight
Desert Rose Band 1993 Life Goes On
Hillman Pedersen 1996 Bakersfield Bound
The Flying Burrito Bros 1996 Out Of The Blue
Rice Rice Hillman Pedersen 1997 Out Of The Woodwork
Chris Hillman 1998 Like A Hurricane
Rice Rice Hillman Pedersen 1999 Rice, Rice, Hillman & Pedersen
Rice Rice Hillman Pedersen 2001 Running Wild
The Byrds 2002 The Preflyte Sessions
Hillman Pedersen 2002 Way Out West
The Byrds 2005 Another Dimension
Chris Hillman 2005 The Other Side
Heartbreaker 2006 Pickin' On Tom Petty
Manassas 2009 Pieces
Hillman Pedersen 2010 Live At Edwards Barn
Gene Clark 2016 The Lost Studio Sessions
Chris Hillman 2017 Bidin' My Time
Chris Hillman   (lost and found)
The Byrds   (lost and found)
The Flying Burrito Bros   (lost and found)
The Byrds   Compilations
The Byrds   Live

Hillman Pedersen 2010

Hillman tells his story

Chris Hillman 2003

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