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Roger McGuinn

vocal, guitar, banjo, moog, co-founder.
He was with The Byrds from the beginning to the end.

He is heard on the following records



The Limeliters 1960 Tonight In Person
The Chad Mitchell Trio 1961 Mighty Day On Campus
The Chad Mitchell Trio 1962 At The Bitter End
The City Surfers 1963 singles
Judy Collins 1963 Judy Collins 3
The Byrds 1965 Mr. Tambourine Man
The Byrds 1965 Turn!Turn!Turn!
The Byrds 1966 Fifth Dimension
The Byrds 1965/66 US TV performances
The Byrds 1967 Younger Than Yesterday
v.a. 1967 Monterey
The Byrds 1968 The Notorious Byrd Brothers
The Byrds 1968 Sweetheart Of The Rodeo
The Byrds 1969 Dr.Byrds And Mr.Hyde
The Byrds 1969 Ballad Of Easy Rider
The Byrds 1970 Untitled
The Byrds 1971 Byrdmaniax
The Byrds 1971 Farther Along
Skip Battin 1972 Skip
The Byrds 1973 Byrds
Roger McGuinn 1973 Roger McGuinn
Roger McGuinn 1974 Peace On You
Roger McGuinn 1975 Roger McGuinn And Band
Roger McGuinn 1976 Cardiff Rose
Roger McGuinn 1977 Thunderbyrd
Roger McGuinn 1977 Rockpalast
McGuinn Clark Hillman 1977 Three Byrds Land In London
McGuinn Clark Hillman 1978 Live At The Boarding House
McGuinn Clark Hillman 1979 McGuinn, Clark & Hillman
McGuinn Clark Hillman 1980 City
McGuinn Hillman 1980 McGuinn & Hillman
The Byrds 1988 In The Beginning
The Byrds 1989 Never Before
The Byrds 1990 The Byrds Boxed Set
Roger McGuinn 1991 Back From Rio
Roger McGuinn 1991 Born To Rock And Roll
McGuinn Clark Hillman 1992 Return Flight
Roger McGuinn 1996 Live From Mars
Roger McGuinn   McGuinn's Folk Den Vol. 1 - 4
Roger McGuinn 2000 The Lost Songs Of Roger McGuinn
Roger McGuinn 2001 Treasures of the Folk Den
The Byrds 2002 The Preflyte Sessions
Roger McGuinn 2004 Limited Edition
Roger McGuinn 2004 Live From Spain
The Byrds 2005 Another Dimension
Roger McGuinn 2005 The Folk Den Project 1995 - 2005
Roger McGuinn 2011 CCD
Chris Hillman 2017 Bidin' My Time
The Byrds   Compilations
The Byrds   Live
Roger McGuinn   McGuinn's Folk Den
The Byrds   (lost and found songs)
McGuinn   (lost and found songs)

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