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The Byrds 1965
Hillman Clark McGuinn Crosby Clarke

  Roger  McGuinn

Gene Clark


David  Crosby


Chris Hillman


Michael Clarke


Gram Parsons


Clarence White


Gene Parsons


Skip Battin


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Players and singers who contributed to The Byrds

William Armstrong violin "Younger" sessions
Earl Poole Les Ball piano "Sweetheart" sessions
Johnny Barbata drums "Byrds" sessions
Cecil Barnard
Hotep Idris Galeta
piano "Younger" sessions  
Clyde Raybould Battyn
Skip Battin
vocal, bass, piano 1970 - 1973
Paul Beaver moog, piano "Notorious" sessions
Paul Bergstrom cello "Younger" sessions
Byron Berline fiddle "Easy Rider" sessions
"Byrdmaniax" sessions
"Untitled" sessions
Carlos Bernal vocal, guitar South Africa tour 1968
Hal Blane drums "Tambourine Man" session
"Younger" sessions
Richard Ted Bluechel, Jr drums "Mr. Spaceman"
on a TV show
April 23rd 1968
Curt Boettcher vocal "Younger" sessions
"Notorious" sessions
Claude Russell Bridges
Leon Russel
piano "Tambourine Man" session
Clyde Jackson Browne piano "Byrdmaniax" sessions
and maybe
"Untitled" sessions
James Burton guitar "Younger" sessions
Roy Caron brass "Younger" sessions
"Notorious" sessions
Harold Eugene Clark vocal, guitar
harmonica, tambourine
maracas, whistle
Michael James Dick
Michael Clarke
drums, congas,
percussion, harmonica
1965 - 1967
1973, 1990
Merry Clayton vocal "Byrdmaniax" sessions
Jon Corneal drums "Sweetheart" sessions
David Van Cortland Crosby vocal, guitar, bass  
Douglas Flint Dillard
banjo live in Rome
live 1968
Dennis Dragon drums live 1973  
Van Dyke Parks organ, piano "Fifth Dimension" sessions
"Younger" sessions
Buddy Emmons pedal steel "Farther Along" sessions
Dennis Faust percussion "Younger" sessions  
Wilton Felder bass "Byrds" sessions
Virgil Fums brass "Younger" sessions
"Notorious" sessions
Barry Goldberg organ
"Younger" sessions
"Sweetheart" sessions
James Beck "Jim" Gordon drums "Younger" sessions
"Notorious" sessions
Vern Gosdin vocal, guitar "Younger" sessions
Lloyd Green  pedal steel, dobro "Sweetheart" sessions
"Drugstore" session
John Guerin drums "Farther Along" sessions
live 1973
Glen D. Hardin organ "Easy Rider" sessions
Lester Harris cello "Younger" sessions  
John Hartford banjo, fiddle, guitar "Sweetheart" sessions
Christopher Hillman vocal, mandolin,
guitar, bass
Roy M. Huskey upright bass "Sweetheart" sessions
Richard "Dick Slyde" Hyde trombone "Younger" sessions
John Jorgenson guitar "boxed set" session
Kevin Daniel Kelley drums 1968
Raymond Kelly cello "Younger" sessions
Terry Kirkman drums mime as second drummer
in a video October 1967

song "Mr. Spaceman"

feat. McGuinn, Clark,
Clarke, Seiter (bass)
Sneaky Pete Kleinow pedal steel "Byrdmaniax" sessions
"Untitled" sessions
Laurence Larry W. Knechtel bass
piano, organ
"Tambourine Man" session
"Byrdmaniax" sessions
Jerry Cole Kolbrack guitar "Tambourine Man" session
Al Kooper keyboard "boxed set" session
live 1990
Joe Lala drums live 1973
the last gig with
Hillman on bass
John Lear intercom The Lear Jet Song
Charles Lloyd sax "Farther Along" sessions
Jacqueline Lustgarten cello "Younger" sessions  
Stan Lynch drums "boxed set" session
live 1990
Jaydee Maness pedal steel "Sweetheart" sessions
Hugh Masekela trumpet "So You Want to Be a
Rock'n'Roll Star"
"Lady Friend"
Dennis McCarthy celeste "Younger" sessions
James Joseph McGuinn III
Jim McGuinn
Roger McGuinn
vocal, guitar,
moog, banjo
Alfred "Al" McKibbon upright bass "Younger" sessions  
Terry Melcher piano, organ,
"Turn" sessions
"Byrdmaniax" sessions
"Easy Rider" sessions
"Untitled" sessions
Jay Migliori sax "Younger" sessions  
Eugene Victor Parsons vocal, drums, banjo,
guitar, harmonica,
pedal steel
1969 - 1972
Cecil Ingram Connor, III
Gram Parsons
vocal, piano,
organ, guitar
"Untitled" sessions
Paul F. Polena horn,
orchestral arrangements
"Byrdmaniax" sessions  
William Bill Pitman guitar "Tambourine Man" session
Daniel Ray

Big Black
percussion "Younger" sessions  
Orville J. Red Rhodes pedal steel "Younger" sessions
"Notorious" sessions
Richard James Roberts
Rick Roberts
vocal "Untitled" sessions
Victor Sazer violin "Younger" sessions
Jim "Moon" Schulz drums live 1973
James Duke Jimmi Seiter
mime bass,
 mime bass player in
two videos 1967

percussion at
"Byrdmaniax" sessions
and live
Ann Stockton harp "Younger" sessions
Dallas Taylor congas, tambourine "Byrds" session
Terry Trotter piano "Younger" sessions
Gary Usher vocal, percussion,
"Younger" sessions
Gary Weber brass "Younger" sessions  
Carl West violin "Younger" sessions  
Clarence Joseph LeBlanc
Clarence White
mandolin, guitar
b-bender, vocal
1967 - 1973
Eric LeBlanc Sr.
(Father of Clarence White)
harmonica "Byrdmaniax" sessions
John York Fowley bass, guitar, vocal 1968 - 1969