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1990 - 2002

Following 1987's "Never Before" compilation of remixed Byrds material, with unknown gems from the Sixties, the release of "In The Beginning" in 1988 again turned back the pages of history. Also, in 1988, a new reunion happened when McGuinn, Crosby & Hillman teamed up at the Ash Grove folk club in June . In the audience applauding: Gene Clark


When Michael Clarke started to tour with a group under the Byrds'name , McGuinn, Crosby and Hillman played three shows during January 1989 to strengthen their rights to the name. In October 1990 a 4-CD "boxed set" with Byrds material was released by Columbia, including four new studio tracks by McGuinn, Crosby & Hillman plus two live recordings with Bob Dylan, joining them on "Mr. Tambourine Man" at the Universal Amphitheatre on 24 February 1990 (picture above).

The Byrds were inducted into the Rock'n Roll Hall Of Fame  on 16 January 1991. It was the last time that all five original Byrds would be together (picture above).

Soon after his low-key gigs at the "Cinegrill" in Hollywood Gene Clark was found dead at his home in Sherman Oaks on the morning of 24 May 1991. 

On 19 December 1993 Michael Clarke died from liver failure at his home in Treasure Island, Florida.

Throughout the Nineties McGuinn continued  playing folk clubs. In 1990 he recorded his first studio album since 1980, "Back From Rio" with the help of Hillman and Crosby amongst  others. Since then, a technology fan he always has been, McGuinn prefers to publish his songs, mostly traditional folk songs, on his "Folk Den" webpage where you can get them for free. Meanwhile he made a lot CDs out of this material. You can buy it at mp3.com. "Live On Mars" (1996) was recorded live with impressions of Roger's folk club performances.

Chris Hillman was the most busy ex-Byrd in the Nineties, recording three more albums with the Desert Rose Band: "Pages Of Live" (1990), "True Love" (1991) and "Life Goes On" (1993) plus a greatest hits compilation  "Dozen Roses" (1991). After disbanding the group Hillman, Pedersen and others teamed up for "Bakersfield Bound" album (1996) and later joined colleagues from the bluegrass days, Larry and Tony Rice, for country albums "Out Of The Woodwork" (1997) "Rice, Rice, Hillman & Pedersen" (1999) and "Running Wild" (2001). In 1998 Chris Hillman recorded his first solo album since 1984 with "Like A Hurricane", Crosby singing harmonies on one track.

Gene Clark is still with us. The "Tambourine Man"  has recorded so many songs during the past two decades, that there is hope that everything will be released as long as fans of the Byrds are alive. Soon after his death one of his  recorded performances with Carla Olson in 1991 was released on "Silhouetted In Light" while Columbia Records at last made a beginning with the releases of  "Echoes" (1991) and "Flying High" (1998).

David Crosby recorded his third solo album "Thousand Roads" in 1993, successfully collaborating with Phil Collins and with Stills and Nash for "Live It Up" (1990) and "After The Storm" (1994). The veterans were also joined by Neil Young for their album "Looking Forward" (1999). But David Crosby's greatest pleasure has been the teaming up with his son James Raymond, discovering him as talented musician. Crosby, Raymond and Jeff Pevar produced some of Crosby's finest work on "CPR" ( 1998) and "Live At The Wiltern" (1998).

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