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Thousand Roads      (David Crosby)

Well I used to walk around
with my eyes on fire
Well I used to walk around
with my eyes on fire
and nerves real close to my skin

Had a a fist full of questions
A brand on my cheek
and we would skate
where the ice got thin

And the smoke blowin' down
from a cabin to a hilltop
Smoke blowin' down in the street
Some kind of sweet smellin'
Mystical backdrop
to the story unfolding at my feet

Now there's an edge to the twist
of an acrobat in the air
There's an edge to the twist of a knife
There's a hard heart of darkness
hovering there
Just around the corner from life

I have no answers
I got no patented path to set you free
Besides I wouldn't know
where you wanted to go
And it's probably not the same
place as me

There's a thousand roads
up this mountain
You can get lost in a minute if you try
And it's probably enough
that I was laughing today
Looking this close in your eye

David Crosby   "Thousand Roads"
Atlantic Records   1993