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One In A Hundred       (Gene Clark)

Don't you come down  don't you feel bad
Even though your dreams are of the things you've never had

Close to the earth
Near to the sun
Reflecting your own life
You can see that you can be more than one

Hear the bells ring, morning has come
Over the town the morning star fades in the dawn
Voices of time bringing surprise 
Voices that sing in waking moments   
To look into life's eye
Aren't you glad its another day look and tell
So you though you would run away but you know that way too well

Rhythms of rhyme
Seasons shall say
To look at a longer life now a longer yesterday
Don't you come down
You know you're the one
Looking at tomorrow
Let your your troubles
Fade  and fly into the sun

Irving Music(BMI)

Gene Clark "Roadmaster"
A & M Records 1972

Gene Clark 'White Light'
A & M Records 1971