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One More Chance     (McGuinn/Levy)

I spent my days in fast cars
I spent my nights with women
I learned to swim in the deep water
where the biggest fish were swimming
I never cared for money in the bank
or who was paying the whiskey I drank
Oh thank you
You gave me one more chance

One more chance to make you love me
One more chance to make you mine
One more chance to find the highway
Leave a million miles behind
One more chance to play my song for you
and dance the whole night through
Oh give me one more chance

We clothe ourselves in armor
and skins as tough as leather
We spend our time on cheap talk
Converse about the weather
But then the arrow finds its mark
and we can see in the darkest dark
Baby let your light shine and
give me one more chance

Roger McGuinn & Chris Hillman
Featuring Gene Clark
"City"    Capitol Records 1980