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All Alone (Chris Hillman/Rick Roberts)

All alone she waits at the window
While the sun sets in the sea
Is that the sound of his foot steps that echoes in the hall
And then they fade away no it wasn't him after all

He was gone in the early morning
And he said he wouldn't be long
But that was spring and now that the leaves have all turned brown
She only shares her bed with the lonliness she has found

Still she waits alone at the window
For the one who wandered away
Each day the room grows colder her tears grow harder to hold
And still she saves her love for the day she knows he'll come home

Copyright 1971 Irving Music Inc./Goose Feather Music(BMI)
From the " The Flying Burrito Bros" LP A&M Records

Rick Roberts tells:
When Chris Hillman and I wrote this, we both contributed
to the lyrics and composed the music together.
So imagine my surprise ten or fifteen years later when
Chris told me what we had written the song about.
It was all about Roger and Ianthe McGuinn, neither of whom
I had ever even met at that time.
But Chris assured me we had nailed the story.