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As If We Didn't Know (Pat Robinson)

There was satin covered window
On a sea of gathered green
Is a bottle floating off the starboard bow
And the once committed actress
Who's long forgotten now

If we can't protect the farmer
That protects the Motherland
Then we're giving up the cure for all
We just fill the empty pages
With some mad neurotic bore

As if we didn't know
It's as if it didn't show, oh no
Just like it wasn't there
It's as if we're unaware
As if we didn't go

So your Mama leaves the courtroom
With the verdict in her hands
As the doctor takes his final curtain call
It's just life and life on earth
Someone has to take the fall

Does no good to tell the hangman
What you just told to the court
In this game you're just another domino
And you're undergoing treatment
That he swears is at the core

As if he didn't know mmm
As if it didn't show mmm
When you learn to look away
You can say that it's OK
As if you didn't know

So they dig for bad treasure
Like they drink and build Jerome
With this writer from Dakota
Going cold

And we're caught between injustice
And that deadly undertow
No option was overlooked
For friends this is it

On the horizon is a crossing
Where three men hang in the mist
As every story has an ending
Every ending has a twist
And it's taken all these centuries
To get away with this

'cause there has to be a sentence
If our duty is to serve
Just as destiny can take it's final toll you know
Think of it as something
That we're learning to outgrow

As if we didn't know
As if it didn't show
It's like we don't believe
In things that we can't see
As if we didn't go, oh, oh
As if it didn't know, oh no

Let the hunger grow
Let it overgrow

Just let the children grow
As if we didn't know
Look out for number one
As if it doesn't show
We've only just begun
As if it didn't show