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The Awakening Within (Clark)

On the waxing
You can see the moon as it comes shining
Through your window
In the evening
You can see the patterns you're designing
Along it's been now
For it's the second moon since you have said that
You would believe in
Another rising you will memoword, you
Should be believing

On the streets then
You won't be missing lights that I've been flashing
For you to see them
And in the morning
Will you wait until they all have dim, be
Or you can leave them
Inside your mind what is accepted
That you should know
If it's a dream when you awaken
Where will you go

And so it's been
The awakening within
That makes you know
there's no way you can win

The afternoon end
Inside your head there still is dreaming
Of where you going
While you lie sleeping
The streets that lead to you are crumbling
And snow is blowing
And in the evening time you will be moving
Not hesitating
You'll find the music that you say is suiting
'Cause you're not waiting

Gene Clark The Lost Studio Sessions 2017