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Blue Eyes (Parsons)

Sometimes I get upset when people treat me bad
I don't have time to think and so I get real mad
I pull my hair and find somewhere that I can be alone
But when I do I think of you and then I hurry home

Where I've got chores to keep me busy
A clock to keep my time
A pretty girl to love me
With the same last name as mine
And when the flowers wilt
A big old quilt to keep us warm
I've got the sun to see your blue eyes
And tonight you're in my arms

Sometimes I get unwound when fancy cars drive fast
Money don't get me down but I can't make it last
I bite my nails and if that fails I go get myself stoned
But when I do I think of you and head myself back home

The International Submarine Band
"Safe At Home" Shiloh Records 1967