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Bye, Bye Baby     (R.McGuinn/R.J.Hippard)

She kicks up her heels like a filly runnin' wild
Inside her woman's body is the soul of a child
Like the seasons she's changing, like a bird soaring high
Ah, you can't help but love her when you look in her eyes

I won her, I lost her and I won her back again
Between all the heartaches we've got to be friends
Now I know I can't hold her, she's got to be free
Like a swift flowing river that runs to the sea

Sayin' so long, bye bye, bye bye, bye bye, baby
So long, bye bye

She's a loner, a high roller, has her mind set to win
Forty-seven's her number and she'll make it come in
When she's shining bright like a star in the sky
She will be where she's goin' and she'll finally know why

"McGuinn, Clark & Hillman"  
Capitol Records  1979