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Coast Hotel
(Gene Parsons / Meridian Green)

When her working day is done she sweeps the floor
And walks out the door and 'cross the street
To the Coast Hotel where he pours her glass of wine
She let's down her hair and she kicks off her shoes

She noticed that the smile that she gave him
Was her special one she could tell
He was her man that's how it all began
Down at the old Coast Hotel

Now when her working day is done she goes right home
But she's not alone she's got a little one
And daddy's got a new job fixing foreign cars
He's not working at the Hotel anymore

They do their laundry 'round the corner from the old Hotel
They sit a spell in from the cold
Some socks would always end up missing
Where they went nobody knows

Now they've got a washer that they bought from Sears
It has a warranty that lasts for years and years
They've got a TV and a CD and a VCR
They don't go far they're comfortable at home

And the old Hotel is all festooned with cobwebs
The place is really dead no clientele
The jukebox plays for no one but it's having fun
All by itself

Oh, the jukebox plays for no one
All by itself
At the old Coast Hotel