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Company Of Cowards

As I was walkin' down the road, 'twas on one summer's day
What d'you suppose I chanced to see, goin' the other way?
Well I knew it weren't the Navy nor the whole McDougal clan
'Twas a company of cowards, I could tell by the way they ran

Oh get around oh get around get around
Oh get around get away
'Tis a company of cowards
And they've come to save the day

You should've seen their uniforms, shabby as you please
Mighty shy of buttons, rather baggy at the knees
And such was their appearance, we laughed until we cried
It's a pity, Mr. Lincoln, they're not on the other side

I don't recall I ever heard that bugle sound retreat,
I could only hear the thunder of a hundred scamperin' feet.
It was forward into battle they came marching one by one
But I guess they thought it over, and they thought it best to run

All men who bear the saber share the scandal of that day
Napoleon would have died of shame to see them run away
Remember George at Valley Forge made the British boys behave
You can well imagine now he's rolling over in his grave

The New Christy Minstrels "Today"