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C.T.A.  102      (R.McGuinn/R.J.Hippard)

C.T.A. 102
year over year receiving you
Signals tell us that you're there
We can hear them loud and clear

We just want to let you know
that we're ready for to go
Out into the universe
we don't care who's been there first

On a radio telescope
science tells us that there's hope
Life on other planets might exist

The Byrds "Younger Than Yesterday"
Columbia Records 1967

from Landessternwarte Heidelberg-Koenigstuhl
2230+114 (CTA 102)

= 22:32:36.40
  = +11:43:51.3 (2000)
z = 1.037
Field of view is 10'x10'

Comparison stars
star U B V R
1   14.77(0.04) 13.98(0.03) 13.56(0.04)
2   16.17(0.04) 14.88(0.03) 14.07(0.07)

You want to see this on Google Earth? Just switch to sky-view and copy/paste the following line
22:32:36.40 +11:43:51.3