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Dancing On The Moon
(Clark Robinson Marinell)

Well, if you're looking for love I know all the wrong places
I've spent a long time searching through the stone cold faces
Where the longer you look the harder it seems
You've got to find somebody to be part of your dreams
But when your time has come not a moment too soon
You go dancin' on the moon

Well, it was all but over and the night'd just started
I guess there must be a place for the broken-hearted
Well, you can do no wrong when it feels this right
When you've been waiting so long you gotta last all night
Where you can spread your wings where there's plenty of room
When you're dancing on the moon yeah, yeah
You and me baby we'll go dancin' on the moon yeah, yeah

Now we've all spent time out dreaming
And wishing on a star
But when your time is finally right
It'll come to where you are

You go dancin'
Go dancin'
When we're dancin' on the moon

You and me baby
Go dancing on the moon
When we're dancing, when we're dancing