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Deeper In         (C.Hillman/D.Foxworthy)

You can make it, you can shake it
Only fools look over their shoulder
You can take it, don't forsake it
Love gets wiser as it grows older

Little darling, this time
don't let your heart hedge its bet
Hear me calling, you're mine
The more you love
the deeper in is all you get
Deeper in is all you get

Now it's showing, your heart's knowing
Nowhere to run in the shadows of my eyes
Fire's glowing, my love's flowing
Even the night wants to drop its disquise

Don't go looking for a stranger to love
He won't hold you forever my love
You know I'm the only one you can love
So here we are  tonight

Roger McGuinn & Chris Hillman
Featuring Gene Clark
"City"  Capitol Records  1980