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Easy Ride (Herb Pederson)

It's an easy ride from good times to the blues
I've been riding that old highway flashing signs to help me
Hell I know I've done you wrong
Didn't take me long
It's an easy ride from good times to the blues

1. Driving ninety nine and making time
Hauling for the Red Ball line
A hundred thousand hours behind the wheel
Just a little smile from you
The rig is running thru
Took me fifty nights alone to break with you

2. Starlight coffee out in sixty four
Waitress said she'd offer more
The sun was going down in her life too
Strong coffee and a tin pot lover
Looking to the rooms to cover
My early morning thoughts roll back to you

I've been riding hard and my wheels call your name
Well San Antone you summer love how could it be the same
You old gray mare you wait
Said I were no saint
If you can live with that your way you'll be again

Herb Pedersen Lonesome Feeling