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Get Up Blues
(Meridian Green / Gene Parsons)

I think I could easily spend the whole day in bed
Laying here watching the dreams in my head
I can't wake up this morning, what's the use
Can't get these blues to turn me loose

Does a blade of grass ever get up and say
I don't think I'll photosynthesize today
If a flower had a choice what would she choose
Would she blossom or just have the blues
Da, da, da, do ..

Laying in bed I'm watching the sky
I see my dreams in the clouds floating by
Way up high is a circling bird
Damn these blues, they're so absurd

Does an ocean tide ever get up and say
I don't think I'll roll in and out today
If robin had a choice would she choose to fly
Or sit in a tree until the day she dies
Da, da, da, do ... mmm ...

Da, da, da, do ..

Here in my head the world is so blue
There's so many reasons for nothing to do
I need a place where blue is the sky
Green is the earth and sorrows fly