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Givin' Herself Away        (T.Kimmel/L.Tabala)

Thought you'd found the perfect love this time
All she had to do is step in line
Settle down and love you forever
Taking whatever she is able to find

Thought you could sweep her off her feet
You'd be more than she thought a man could be
Instead she's got you chasing around
Breaking down and taking a back seat

Guess you thought that she was easy
just because she loved so freely
She ain't selling nothing cheap
Don't care if the price is steep

She ain't giving herself away, giving herself away
Giving herself away to you

She'll never change but I can still hear you say
"I know she's gonna come around some day"
She would sooner leave you than love you
and never even listens to what you say

It's crazy but you're wanting her more
than any lover you have ever had before
Now she's got you hanging around
Breaking down and waiting outside her door

Roger McGuinn & Chris Hillman
Featuring Gene Clark
"City"    Capitol Records 1980