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Here Tonight (Clark)

It's ten PM and I should have made the road tonight
The moon was out and the clouds came in and took it's light
My suitcase is over there somehow I just don't care
Cause I don't want to be anywhere but right here tonight

The rains came down and I should have made an early plane
Where I'd rather be if it can't be seen then I can't explain
It's so warm in here and I want to hold you near
And there is no pain or fear right here tonight

With tomorrows dawn I will carry on what I've set aside
It's not a matter of my faith or of my pride
It just seems so insane to strike out in the rain
When it's so easy to remain right here tonight

Gene Clark "Roadmaster"
A & M Records 1972

Gene Clark "Here Tonight | The White Light Demos" 2013

The Flying Burrito Brothers "Close Up The Honkytonks"
A & M Records