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I See You      (McGuinn/Crosby)

I see you, under there behind your hair everywhere
I see you

I see you, turned on eyes can't tell lies, empathise
I see you

Warm sliding sun through the cave of your hair
Wind washing fields, kind of space living there
I see you

I know you, met before seventh floor, first world war
I know you

Who lives there, tell old fair I'm aware that she cares
Who lives there

Green specks bright spiralling out in the sky
Catch my mind, turn my head, have to look, don't know why
Who lives there

We thought talked
For a while they just smile just a silent thought talk

I see you, sun is there behind your hair everywhere
I see you, I see you

Copyright 1966 Tickson Music
The Byrds "Fifth Dimension"   Columbia Records 1966