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It Was I     (Garry Paxton)
as sung by Skip & Flip

You're tellin everybody I'm the one
To blame for all the wrong that you have done
The day that you walked out and left, didn't say goodbye
Who was home alone to sit and cry?
It was I, it was I-I-I-I-I

I gave you all the love I ever had
The only things I got from you were bad
The times you didn't show up, the times you didn't call
Who was left alone through it all?
It was I, it was I-I-I-I-I

My love was always yours to treasure and to hold
But when you let a love grow idle it will soon grow cold
Temptation is too strong to hide, are you really satisfied
With my love the way it is? Let me tell you how it is

Please come back and try to start anew
I know that it's the proper thing to do
Darling, if we make up I know well never break up
Then I know it's only me and you-ou-ou-ou
Me and you-ou-ou-ou-ou

Skip and Flip "It Was I"