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The Lighthouse (Gene Clark)

The first time that I saw her
She told me she was so glad just to see me
And she would show me if I'd let her
What it is to have somebody really need me
And that the sun would keep on shining
And we need never see the storm
'Till the day that I didn't see her
There was no day or any time that didn't feel warm

Just a bottle of red (......)
And some memories that I hoped would have grown old
She left here in the morning
I even gave her what she was boasting she had stol'n
And then the rain kept on falling
The sun must have even felt disgrace
Now is it losing that she's not with me
It's sure a shame what isn't here can't be replaced

So I looked of from a hillside
And I saw the coast line rolling to the sea
And I saw the light scanning
Like a beacon that was looking out to find me
And like the broken hearts remind me
Of all the ships lost to the deep
If I ever do forget her
It'll be the day this life choose to release me

Gene Clark The Lost Studio Sessions 2017