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Love Wins Again     (Gene Clark)

What were we doing little darling
Worked so hard at something to defend
I think I know how you were feeling

Your sweet broken heart was on the mend
We didn't make no money honey
Or any sense out of it in the end
This time I've got to tell you

We're backed up to the wall
Love wins again
Love wins again after
The game has had it's final curtain call
Love wins again and you know
This time the dealer will take all
For every plan we had in mind

Seems something always got in the way
Our feelings just got verified

Never left you reasons to save face
Now that we've had time to think it
Oh, but there's no time left we can waste
The cards are all turned up

The deal is life at stake
Love wins again
This time I've got to tell you

Backed up to the wall
Love wins again

Gene Clark & Carla Olson "Silhouetted In Light"
Demon Records  1992