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Line Down The Middle  (Smith)
Lyin' Down The Middle
 (Laramy Smith/Gene Clark)

I think that line down the middle of the road
is driving me insane
3000 miles I have come with a heavy load
though I know she's not the blame it's all the same

San Bernardino 14 miles see that sign
as the sounds of country rhythm's roll's through my mind
I know I didn't mean to fall so far behind
and I'm driving this road to get to you

About this time she will see the early dawn
and no that I was gone again last night
she leaves the light in the window so I'll see
she was home alone last night

all the while I'm thinking of the things she said
as this sounds of country rhythm's roll's through  my head
the miles are more than lonely though my love's not dead
and I'm driving this road to get to you

Phoenix 1968

Dillard and Clark single 1968
  Gene Clarks' bandmate Laramy Smith
wrote in a mail in June 2010:Laramy Smith

"PEOPLE, here is the scoop

Gene Clark always played around with words and especially words of other people. When I disbanded "Phoenix" to create the group "Arizona", I told Gene not to use this song, the next week it's being played on the radio hitting the charts at number 3 on country stations in California
The original copyright in 1968 the title is a "Line Down The Middle". I wrote the song in January of 1968 while leaving Woodstock, where I had lived for a year
When I hit the road I wrote songs while I was driving. The song is about the dotted line that runs down the middle-of-the-road on highway 80 that runs from the East Coast to the West Coast. 3000 miles comes from a distance between New York and LA. and I was going to LA at the invitation to join Gene Clark and form a new group with him at A&M Records in Hollywood
We named the group "Phoenix". Members included Wayne Brun's on drums and Aron Vanderwhordt on base. Gene Clark and I started writing songs in different direction's. I wanted to do mainly country rock and Gene wanted mainly folk and bluegrass material so he continued on with Doug and they were Dillard and Clark

Gene Clark renamed this song "lyin down the middle" to refer to someone lying down on the middle of the highway, yup he was a drug addict and alcoholic and a scorpion egomaniac

well that's all folks, so long from Laramy Smith "

(Laramy Smith passed away August 2012)