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Minstrel From Gault

A Minstrel came down from Gault
with scores of tales to tell
some of them were true
some of them were false..
some of them we knew
yet some we knew too well

It was told in fire
And it was told in ice
It was told so many times
It may not be told twice

A soldier came down from Dien Bien Phu
with silence in his eyes.
He told of many a mornings
when fire was the sky

He told of many a nights
when the bravest of men would cry...
Knowing that through Satan's earth-bound, magic
Many more would have to die

A man came down from Sinai mountain
With words of truth for us all
How we bowed and knelt down
How we worshipped well

But when it came to listening
We listened, but little, if at all