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Moment Of Glory    (Chris Hillman/Steve Hill)

And he works very hard to make a living
but he never gets very far
When everything seems to rumble around him
What was all of this for
He believes there has to be more

So he sought out the friendship of others
but they often led him astray
False prophets and healers and small time dealers
Oh what a price to pay
And the dream keeps slippin' away

I believe every man has his moment of glory
Every man has his time under the sun
If everyone is a hero, the sum of a  story
where the meaning of life is one
Every man for everyone

Sometimes we all feel so helpless
And we've done all we can do
And everything we've been told is so clear and controlled
Even the old becomes new
To everyone these words will ring true

"Rice, Rice, Hillman, Pedersen"
Rounder Records 1999