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Moonshine (Jimmie D. Buchanan)

Barefoot sitting on a creek bank
By an old half log
Screw the top off a Mason jar
Kinda said to my old yellow dog
"Sure goin' to be a hot day
In the noonday sun"
I can hear my grandaddy callin' me
As my work-a-day comes
Gonna blame it on the moonshine
Barefoot running through the cornfield
My shotgun in my hand
Grandaddy talkin' at the back door
Shoot a rabbit if you can boy
Sure goin' to be a cool night
And the moon's gonna be shining bright
Everything's gonna be just right
Make corn liquor in the moonlight
Gonna make us some moonshine

Gonna make us some moonshine
They caught grandaddy who's pounding wine
Gonna make it by the grapevine
Get's its soul in the cornfield
Come corn picking now

"Rice, Rice, Hillman, Pedersen"
Rounder Records 1999