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Morning Sunrise (Paul Butterfield / Phillip Wilson)

Baby, all I can feel is the morning sunrise coming on
Yeah, I can feel all my love coming on
Yeah, try to remember the long time has passed on by
Yeah, I'm all alone these days, may we both cry
Yeah, baby, they're gone

All I can feel is the morning sunrise coming on
Baby, all I can feel, all my love for you
Every evening
Life can be so strong when you say what you feel, yeah
It's so hard sometimes
To leave me girl, just please me

Yeah, you wonder
If you knew love the way you know how
I believe it's a rough time, baby
But I know it's the right time, babe
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I know it's the right time
And the right time is now

Yeah, I can feel it coming on
Yeah, ooh, baby, it's the morning sunrise
Oooh, all my loving
And all my love
All I can feel and all my love is the morning sunrise