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Move Me Real Slow     (Chris Hillman)

Won't you rock me baby now move me real slow
Take me where all those mem'ries don't show
Far from the night life, the glamour and gold
Come on rock me baby, move me real slow

Please, please help me now
I think that I'm losing my way
Oh maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm right
Maybe there's nothing more to say

Tell me what is the mystery
Something is wrong and it's worrying me
Dark dark clouds can't be denied
Make me so confused, never even realized

Won't you rock me...

Used to make it pretty well by myself
Never could worry about nobody else
Made a lot money and I bought some good friends
By myself wondering if I'd feel it all again

Won't you rock me...

Souther Hillman Furay Band
"Trouble In Paradise"
Asylum Records 1975