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On The Run (Clark/Robinson)

If I had all the answers, baby, you'd be the first to know
And that these circumstances, leave you no other place to go

I know your master of fire, who leads you stumbling through the night
He' s just a passionate liar, who wants to keep you out of sight

And the things you've done
Put you on the run
You're out on the run

Now and then you still come to me, with sincerity in your stare
The foggy ghosts of the words you breath, creep away through the icy air

It used to fill me with anger, you knew just how to break my heart
Now you're surrounded by danger, like a shadow in the dark

And the things you've done
Put you on the run
Like a wanted one

They say they just can't understand in your lifetime
What has made you feel the way you do
And you rationalize it all by leading your life of crime
While the game has put the blame on him, not you

For every law that's been written, you have broken another one
So that you'll be forgiven, for the love that you leave undone

You twist your hair full of madness, and then you take another shot
And stare with jealous eyes, at what someone else has got

While you're on the run
With a loaded gun
Out there on the run

With a loaded gun
A wanted one
Out there on the run

On the run