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Please Mr. Freud (Clark)

Last night I dreamed
I dreamed a scene
So complicated
There were rooms and rooms
And people staring at me
But none related
A preacher in a black robe was there
But he didn't preach a word he just stared
He kneeled upon a book like he cared
To show me he was prepared

So I walked downstairs
Where I can clearly hear
A band was steaming
They had hair to their feet
An electrical beat
And one of them was screaming
The floor was so crowded folks were choking
I turned to several windows that were broken
And the cops came in without a token they said
"Someone here's been smoking"

I ran into the street
Caught a bus took a seat
And started reading
It was typical news
The headlines read Agnews
Hairline is receding
Then I realized that it was snowing
I was on a bus and didn't know where I was going
The midnight movie started showing
And my mind started blowing

Now please Mr. Freud
My mind is destroyed
And what can you tell me
I'm trying hard to wake up
Before the national guard
Get's here to expel me
Things are confused and uptight
I just saw Karl Marx on my ride
It's springtime but there isn't any light
And what was black now is white
Oh yeah

Outtake Gene Clark 'White Light'