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Skate Date      (R.McGuinn/C.Hillman/C.McGuinn)

Last night I had a date with my Marylou
No gas for my car, I didn't know what to do
She called me said I love you please don't be late
So I went and picked her up on my roller skates

Skate date rolling down the street
Skate date feeling so elite
Skate date, I got wings on my feet

Now the streets are empty 'cause no one can drive
Me and my baby feeling so alive
Going thirty miles an hour with my roller queen
and I hope they never find any gasoline

The air's so clear, we're both feeling great
We're really working out on our roller skates
There's nothing like it for doing the town
Me and my baby when there's no one around

Skating down the highway just to see how it feels
Me and Marylou we got sixteen wheels
We don't have to worry bout the highway patrol
'cause they don't have the gasoline to roll

Roger McGuinn & Chris Hillman
Featuring Gene Clark
"City"  Capitol Records  1980