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Street Talk      (Hillman/Knobler/Sambataro)

There's a rumour that's been going around
An old friend of yours just got back into town
An old love from out of your past has come back to haunt you
She's talking real fast

Street talk, make you crazy
Small talk's only for fools
Street talk, don't wanna hear it
You know they never play by the rukes
Play by the rules

You know she'll never leave you alone
She's knocking on doors and you're the only one home
She says if you don't let her in
she'll blow your cover, she'll pull the pin

There's word going out on the street
how she's looking for trouble, and you're what she needs
The sidewalk serenade's just begun
Her back-alley action got you under the gun

Roger McGuinn & Chris Hillman
Featuring Gene Clark
"City"  Capitol Records  1980